Home decorating is not difficult chore, but an creative work. Many person spend a lot of money for interior designers but always won't really like. Instead, DIY may brings you the biggest surprise. Share the below designer Tips and hope it useful. I like simplicity, and you?

1. "You have to find your best seat in the room and starting from there, work on your living room furniture plan with that certain seat." -DD Allen

2. "It is best to use white curtains." -J. Randall Powers

3. "If you want to put a painting above your sofa, but it is small, and looks even smaller, then it is best not to center it. Instead, offset it a few inches to the left. The negative space that is created, which is called 'ma', becomes part of the painting image." -Richard Mishaan

4. "A great pattern or texture in small spaces can be a lovely twist. You can use wallpaper in unexpected places, for example in closets, on the ceiling in a paneled room, hallways, and small foyers. " –Lindsey Coral Harper

5. "You can use a pink bulb and a white bulb. It creates a look that is more natural."–Carolyne Roehm

6. "I typically suggest an island 5 inch wide by 8 inch long. And when you are cleaning it up, you should be able to reach across it without trying too hard.’ –Christopher Peacock

7. "If you love a fabric but it seems too strong, check the reverse side –it may just do for you." –D. Easton

8. "Make sure you display together everything you may have in your collections.” _Ann Wolf

9. "The perfect wall color is seldom the prettiest shade of the fan deck. Do not stuck with that particular shade, and everything will catch your eye." –R. Bell

10. "Always use white linens and towels. Do not cross the line, ever. They are bleach-able and they send a message of cleanliness, and order." –M. Hoefer

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