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Homestia Stainless Steel French Cocktail Shaker 20.0 Ounce

Almost seamless in design, this sleek, stainless steel French cocktail shaker takes a different approach to mixing up handcrafted cocktails.

A shaken cocktail is made by putting the desired ingredients (typically liquor, fruit juices, syrups, liqueurs and ice cubes) into the top part of the shaker. The bottom closes over the top for a tight seal. Then it is shaken vigorously for around 10 to 18 seconds, depending upon the size and temperature of the ice.

If you want something more decorative than stainless steel, it’s also available in a copper or gold-plated finish. With a 20-oz capacity, it’s ideal for mixing one drink at a time.

The French Shaker: A two-piece shaker consisting of a metal bottom and a metal cap. A strainer is always required for this type of shaker, barring the separation method mentioned above.


 Stainless steel with Gold finish and clear lacquer topcoat.
 20-oz(600 mL). cap.
 3.2" diam. 9" high.
 Hand wash recommended

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20 oz Cocktail Shaker French Style Stainless Steel Bar Shaker Gold

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Product code: CSF001_Gold

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Stainless steel with copper finish and clear lacquer topcoat.
20-oz(600 mL). cap.
3.2" diam. 9" high.
Hand wash recommended.